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Book II: The Witches Cradle is coming soon! Buy Book I: The Goddess' Respite now and be ready!

*FIVE STARS* There are teen vampire books, and then there's THIS teen vampire book. Funny, sympathetic, and relatable, it's a welcome departure from a genre you think you already know.

Three friends, one lie…oh, and a boy. No sparkles included.

Aeron is a conqueror and a ruler who has been betrayed and exiled. She has plenty of chances to correct the errors of her ways but just like Issy, she's too arrogant to admit she's wrong. Isabeth has the maturity to accept things as they are but like Aeron, she's too full of herself to see her flaws.

Then there's Ayrie. Ayrie's complete lack of self-confidence is overshadowed by her desire to publicly masquerade as the teenager they all pretend to be.

Yeah, they're vampires. No, they aren't musically inclined, nor are they great poets. They also don't sparkle. Aeron can recite every major battle ever and explain why the generals on both sides were morons. Ayrie is a walking, talking medical textbook, and Isabeth just finished her one-hundredth playthrough of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, on the GameCube. The Wii controllers don't appeal to her at all.

Jamie is too much of a loser to be included in this blurb…or at least he thinks he is. Come on, the guy dumped the head cheerleader! Yet somehow, this book-nerd appeals to the most ancient among them, if she'll only admit that to herself.

This is not just a romance; there are witches, creepy death- magic-wizards, and more! Truly, a horror story that waits for you to pick up and never put down again. Buy it now!]
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