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The great artwork debate: Alterra fans weigh in here!

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If you're a fan of Alterra, you've probably seen the old artwork--old covers and interior illustrations.
Now we have a new artist--Hope Hoover--and her work is absolutely superb. However, I have some really important questions, and I'd like to have your help in answering them.

First, your thoughts on the covers--old vs new. What impression does each one give of the material inside? To what age group do you believe they will appeal most?

Second, the interior illustrations. Do they add to your reading experience? Would you prefer only a few, many, or none?
                                            Should we include new ones by Hope in the new editions, or keep some of the old ones?
What are your thoughts? Please be candid...I won't be offended in the least. Parthian Press needs your feedback--and your help.

Thanks!  :D :D

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Are there side by side pictures of the different covers somewhere easy to view?
I like the new covers...I think they give it somewhat of a "richer" tone for some reason.  I do like the pics inside and am partial to the smaller pics between chapters.  One of my favorites is the pic of Gorgon's eyes.  Small glimpses into what you are thinking when you do write the books to me is invaluable.  And having you do the pics yourself, especially since you "can" (many authors would have to draw stick figures!), adds so much to the whole experience.  

Sooooo, to make a long story short, have Hope do the covers and please ("you") continue with the smaller insight pics throughout.  I'm sure Hope could draw the inside pics as well, but only you can draw what's in your own head and that's what is value-add for me.   ;D

...and thanx for asking!
Brew: I agree on the covers.
I'm wondering whether it would confuse folks to have examples of both artists' work as illustrations?

"Mom"--Since the old book is out of print, I can't use the link maker to find it and post the cover. Brew, any ideas?

I have all three, so I can scan them and post the pics later today.

I don't think it would be confusing to readers with two artists...I doubt I could tell who drew what. I'm sure Hope could do a great job inside as well, but for it to remain as valuable and not be just another pretty picture, you and she would have to spend a lot of time together for her to really understand what you were thinking about a particular passage and so she could come close to capturing the pic "you" have in your head when you write it.

<EDIT> Ok, having just scanned them in, I see what you might be talking about when you say people might be confused...if there is one version of Gaelen on the covers and a different artist's representation of her inside, it might be confusing. I'm good with either, but I do see where you're coming from. Either way, the pics inside are a help IMO.
The links worked fine for me. :)
Hey everyone, this may be a little late, but this should work:

I love both covers, the Elfhunter Classic cover is beautiful and shows a great deal of passion in who Gaelen is. It is obvious this portrait was painted by someone who loves her. The 2nd Edition cover is equally as beautiful, however if I had to use an analogy I would say that the cover art has matured much like the book. Gaelen looks more mature and deadly ticked off.

Since the initial release of Elfhunter classic the learning experiences for everyone involved are incredible. I like to look at it from a standpoint of a new era for all things Alterra.

The illustrations in the book are a nice "value add". I love Archer's illustrations and i think there is a place for some of them in the second editions of the series. That having been said, I would rather have a book with a ton of illustrations. But that is just my humble opinion. Archer does such an amazing job introducing us to all thing and people in Alterra I have never had a problem with being able to picture what is happening, what things look like and what tone is.
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For Elf Hunter I like both covers a lot.  Archer's cover grabs you with the arrow pointed out, but Hope's cover works well too.  For continuity, it might be best to go with Hope's cover since the feel matches the Fire King cover better.

I love the extra pictures inside the book, especially the ones between chapters. 
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