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The Halo Effect by M.J. Rose for 99 Cents!

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The Halo Effect by M.J. Rose is currently on sale for 99 cents. It is the first book of an exciting series called The Butterfield Institute and the other two books are available for just $2.99. This is an exciting way to be introduced to the works of legendary author M.J. Rose!

Here's a link to The Halo Effect

"Prominent New York sex therapist Dr. Morgan Snow finds her life taking a dangerous turn when her client, a high-priced prostitute, gives her a manuscript vividly detailing all of the sexual favors and fantasies she has performed for the city's most powerful men, and then disappears."

If you need more, here's the opening line from a review by Publisher's Weekly:

"The mutilated body of a prostitute in a nun's habit, her pubic hair shaved into a cross, appears on page one of this suspense thriller, making it plain that Rose's latest is not for the squeamish."

I've been a big fan of M.J. Rose's for years, and think these prices are incredible. Happy summer reading!
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I loved M.J. Rose in The Hypnotist! I'll check this series out.  :)
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