The Hidden and the Maiden, by Eben Mishkin
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374 pages, with a 4.8-star rating from 6 reviews

"A romp of a fantasy thriller! Mishkin has hit a home run with this romp of a fantasy thriller. The depth of the magical world in which the characters do battle is exhilarating. The ghosts and other creatures of the book's universe fit together with a nuanced logic that leaves the reader satisfied that the forces at play have been carefully delineated. One of the main enjoyments is to read about a world of cars and phones and learn how magic sneakily coexists. The evil confronting the pair is amply malicious and the story zooms to an exciting finale." -- Amazon Reviewer
A wizard's failed apprentice and a self-doubting medium embark on a race against time in Eben Mishkin's fantastical debut, The Hidden and the Maiden.

The unsociable James Rathbone, once student to the last wizard, is forced into action when his dead master's secret elixir is stolen.

Con artist Kenton Dean uses the elixir to release the fallen god of death. He needs just one more thing for his plans to work: Helena Lawson, an heiress who holds unfathomable magical potential.

James sets off on a dangerous mission to rescue Helena and stop Kenton, but he cannot do it alone. Much to his chagrin, James must team up with Zephyr Wayne, a neurotic medium who's convinced his powers are nothing more than the manifestation of his own psychosis.

As the only humans capable of seeing the threat, James and Zephyr must band together to save the world as they know it. But can James finally get his magic to work? And will Zephyr's self-doubt ever allow him to unleash his full potential?

An absorbing blend of horror, fantasy, and real-world drama, The Hidden and the Maiden will leave readers guessing until the very last page.

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Meet the Author

Eben Mishkin studied at the University of California's College of Creative Studies and the University of Wales at Cardiff. He earned his Masters in the teaching and practice of Creative Writing but has studied subjects as diverse as the conjugation of sigils and the propitiation of Sumerian Demons.

He's been the youngest attendee of the Santa Barbara Writer's Conference and the oldest person to believe in S. Morgenstern. He's studied writing under Orson Scott Card and occult under everyone's favorite grandmother. He knows the keys and locks of three gods that must not be named but has never had tequila.

He's married to a dragon keeper who is also a very talented artist. They live together in a McMansion in Southern California with a sweet natured hell hound and more dragons than he is comfortable cohabiting with.

The Hidden and the Maiden is Mishkin's debut novel.