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Readers who enjoy plays will delight in The Incredible Life of Joey Coletta.

"In a town where illusion is a part of life, some things are not what they seem."

A young California boy is plucked from obscurity to become the star of a new family situation comedy. But can his real-life family survive? And can a nine-year-old survive in the fast-paced world of Hollywood?

Innovatively written in the form of a screenplay, The Incredible Life of Joey Coletta is a funny, heartwarming tribute to the beloved domestic sitcoms of the 1950s and '60s. It explores growing up in mid-century America and what it was like to be a child star during the golden age of television. Currently in development at The Little Studio, Hollywood, and available on

Paperback: $11.99
E-book: $6.99

Order it here:

The Incredible Life of Joey Coletta: De Sapio, Michael Martin: 9781983126635: Books
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