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FREE promotion on Amazon from 20th-22nd March 2015. :D
Learn how to effortlessly adopt the routine of regular juicing in your life to boost your health & vitality!

This Juicing book is more than a collection of great recipes, it also provides fantastic tips on how to make juicing into an easy regular habit, how to choose the best juicer for you, how to get your kids to love fresh juices, etc. A totally invaluable guide for anyone who wants to take up making fresh juices.

This book has been the Amazon no. 1 paid for bestseller in Healthy Diet, Special Diet, Drinks & Beverages, Non Alcoholic Drinks, Alternative Medicine & Naturopathy categories.

This book is for you if you:
- are new to juicing
- have already tried juicing but struggled to juice as much as you would have wanted to
- you juice regularly but would love some more ideas about how to make juicing easier
This information can be applied equally to home juicing for health, when following a juice diet for weight loss or doing a juice detox or juice fast.

The author is trained in Naturopathy & specializes in running juice fasting, health detox retreats. He brings a wealth of knowledge that can make it much easier to adopt a juicing lifestyle.

The Juice Habit Made Easy firstly gives an overview of all of the benefits of juicing to inspire & inform you as to why it would be good to drink juices more often. The nutritional & detox benefits provided by fresh juices are awesome! It then details how to set yourself up for regular juicing by describing the different juicers that are available (with pros & cons) & letting you know what other equipment you will need in your kitchen.

The tips & tricks section provides invaluable & very practical advice to help you to become "a juicer." These suggestions are the result of Jem having worked with & supported thousands of people to embrace healthier ways of living, so they are highly effective.

Author Bio: Jem Friar has been working as the "Personal Detox Coach" since 2000. He is a trained Naturopath & has been a Detox Manager at Spa Samui, Detox International, Vitality Detox Retreats & Moinhos Velhos. He has also starred in 2 TV series about Detox. Jem has recently turned his hand to writing so that he might be able to help many more people around the world. He writes books about health, balanced living skills & meditation.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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