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Business has been lean for Knut Heyerdahl, the centenarian tramp freighter captain of the antiquated Caravan-class cargo ship, The Brandy's Lament. His crew, a drug-addicted engineer, a number-crunching navigator with tone-deaf social manners, and a hot-tempered muscular Portuguese woman load master makes his life stressful as he bails them out of trouble at their latest port of call.

But beggars can't be choosers, and a ship's captain down on his luck must make the best of a bad hand. If things weren't tough enough, being behind on payments to a loan shark who wants the title to his ship doesn't help. Fortunately, a last minute shipping contract comes his way, and the chance to escape his troubles seem bright.

Then everything begin to go wrong.

A passenger ship full of diplomat's children is hijacked. A Rim patrol ship is unwittingly embroiled in a David verses Goliath spaceship battle. Suddenly the Brandy's crew are the only ones who can stop an intergalactic civil war from breaking out and prevent planets razed into blacken ciders. Follow a crew of misfits forced to become unlikely heroes to stop a secret conspiracy to ignite the universe in flames for political gain and profit.

Read The Last Voyage of the Brandy's Lament , a rousing Sci-fi adventure, for free at my blog, Rusted Irony Publishing:
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