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Sequel to The Gryphon Stone.

David Render's travels through the multiverse have come to an end. Married to Sidraytha of the Isles, he is now the father of two children. The Isles of Wulde are his home, and the Islanders have adopted him as one of their own. His life in the service of the Alvehn, in their endless war against the barbaric Moj, is a thing of the past. That Edren the Rogue Alvehn remains at large on Adrathea is a problem for the Alvehn to solve - without him.

On a night of celebration, that past proves closer to him than he ever dared imagine. A light appears in the sky; a lost starship in a universe where space travel is impossible. When the survivors of this impossible ship find themselves in the care of the Islanders, they stir up David's worst nightmares, and draw the attention of the Rogue Alvehn to the Isles.

To protect those he loves most, David must face his greatest enemy yet again, and he must conquer a darkness that dwells deep in his own heart. But he will not fight alone. For the gryphons have come to the Isles of Wulde.
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