Charmingly illustrated, this imaginative bedtime story is a joy to read for adults and children.

The Magical Imagination of Smallfridge: The Leap of Space, by Kyle Fuhrer
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22 pages, with a 4.8-star rating from 14 reviews

"I have to say, this was a such a cute, inventive and adorably compelling read for both me and my son. I love children's books that explore imagination in a fun, but quasi-educational way that allows children to explore the wonders of imagination and the fun that can be had simply by just engaging your mind. The story is well written and vivid with imagery that helps to paint the picture perfectly along with the colorful illustrations that accompany the story. My son absolutely loved the story and so overall it was a rousing success as a nighttime story." -- Amazon reviewer
Imagination can take us anywhere ... anywhere on earth and anywhere in space. Join Smallfridge on a flight of imagination as he discovers the wonders that await him ... in the universe and right here at home at bedtime.Intended for children of all ages.

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Kyle (M.A.) Fuhrer has a degree in Political Science and History. Kyle has been a historical interpreter, successful webmaster, home handyman, vintage gaming expert and even a bouncer in a nightclub. He has a wonderful sense of humour, a zest for life and passion for purposeful living. He is - without a doubt - one of the most charming and charismatic young men you'll ever meet. And like many university graduates, Kyle has written countless papers on a variety of themes. Good Food Gone Bad is Kyle's first excursion into children's literature. Kyle hopes to write and publish 10 books in the Billy Bob the Dog and Torkelson Turtle series.

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