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The Law of Attraction (LOA) has been a subject of curious debate over the last two decades. It's also known as a Miracle Law and has been very popular worldwide, and has also created a nice cottage industry with plenty of books, coaches, video courses, blogs, newsletters, etc. But most books on LOA often use complex words like Manifest, Subconscious Mind, Abundance, Endless Possibilities, Affirmations, Vibrational Alignment, Creative Visualization, etc. This confuses or turns off the average reader into thinking that such books are just a con game or some flashy get rich schemes.

This is a simplified "Get to the Point" guide on the Law of Attraction. It's designed to give the reader a helicopter view and interpretation of how LOA works, how to use it, celebrities who practice it, and so on. The information in this book is sufficient for a casual reader to dive in, quickly absorb the essence, and walk out with a fistful of knowledge of LOA. I hope you will find the book useful. Thanks for reading.

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