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" I have loved the Brontes for years, and now I really feel like I know them. When Maria is there for the writing of WUTHERING HEIGHTS & JANE EYRE, it is really exciting! I never knew that these books were so reviled when they 1st came out. I love the happy ending, and all of the romance. I want to marry Branwell! Recommend to anyone who loves the Bronte's books.

I love historical fiction, and this book is one of the better ones. The author really pays attention to detail, and you feel like you're in the period. I am really glad I didn't live during Victorian times! I liked the way that Maria's character developed: she goes from being kind of an idiot to someone who really loves to learn. I never knew that much about the Brontes, but now I really feel that I do. Excellent. " -- Amazon Reviewer
Meet Maria Shelby, the spoiled - and rich - daughter of an English knight. She has a habit of getting into trouble: at eighteen, she's already been sacked from six schools. No one else will have her, except: The Misses Brontë's Establishment in Haworth, a remote Yorkshire village. With time, Maria comes to appreciate the genius of her teachers: Charlotte, Emily, and Anne Brontë.
Part suspense, part Victorian novel, this novel takes the reader on a profound literary journey along with young Maria.

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Amy Wolf is a Kindle Scout winner for her novel THE MISSES BRONTES ESTABLISHMENT, which launches on August 11, 2015.

She has published 38 short stories in the fantasy/sf press, including REALMS OF FANTASY (2) and INTERZONE (U.K.). She is a graduate of the Clarion West Writer's program and has an honors English degree from The University of London.

She started her career working for the major Hollywood studios, especially 20th Century Fox.

One of three natives out of 10 million, Amy was forced from L.A. and now lives in Seattle (where it rains). She has one adult daughter currently terrorizing L.A., 2 horses, 2 dogs, and a bunny.

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