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Statue of Ku: Moa Book Series (Moa Series), by Tricia Stewart Shiu

"Having not read the 1st book in this series (this is book 2), I was a bit worried that I wouldn't know what was happening. Luckily, the story is cohesive as a standalone story all by itself. The characters were detailed and multidimensional, and the setting of Egypt was almost a character in itself. I especially loved the pacing of the story, as it started slow and built quickly up to heighten tension, leading to a surprise ending no one was expecting. The magical healing powers were amazingly vivid in description, and I really like the story of the Ku, the boy from the statue and how it echoed the characters' story in the book. Highly recommended! " -- Amazon reviewer
The second book in the Moa Book Series follows Hillary and Moa as they jet to Egypt on the Prince's private plane to reclaim Moa's family heirloom, the inimitable statue of Ku. Once on the ground, however, they find that their search is less about retrieving a treasured family possession and more about tracing a healing path in their genetic lineage to its true beginning. Their journey involves magic, sacrifice and discovering their unique healing gifts, which live within all of us. Their story intertwines with that of the real boy, Ku -- his questions, his travails and, eventually, his triumph. In their continuing search for the Statue, Hillary and Moa find that the answer to every question they seek is where they least expect it and that healing gifts are not lost but merely forgotten.

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Meet the Author

Tricia Stewart Shiu is an award-winning screenwriter, author, and playwright, but her passion lies in crafting mystical stories.

A creative spirit from a young age, she experimented with acting and wrote one-woman shows and plays. She produced a short performance piece called Doing Lunch which made its way into a short film trilogy directed by Hal Trussel. That film won "Best Dramatic Short" at the Houston Film Festival in 1993.

The author is also a spiritualist and metaphysical adept. She has studied mediumship, pagan and Huna rituals, as well as an energy healing method called "Crystalline Consciousness Technique." She also studied a variety of shamanic clearing methods and healing rituals. She creates her own line of healing essential oils and elixir sprays.

Shiu's Moa series - Moa, The Statue of Ku, and Iron Shinto - sparked by her firsthand encounter with an ancient Hawaiian spirit, takes readers on a journey of exploration through her world of spiritual healing. Each chapter of the books begins with a meditative ritual that pertains to that chapter. The rituals from the first book have been published in both eBook and audio form as The Gatekeeper's Guide to Ancient Essential Oils and Rituals.

In addition to her creative and spiritual endeavors, Shiu has worked as a high-level Executive Assistant for some of the most influential business executives in the Fortune 500, including Rupert Murdoch.

Tricia Stewart Shiu currently lives in Southern California with her husband and their nine-year-old daughter, Sydney. Sydney is a gifted artist, whose photographs adorn the covers and illustrations grace the interiors of all three Moa books.