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The Number of Titles in the Kindle Store Has Tripled

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There are now over 270,000 titles available in the Kindle store, which is 3 times the number available when the Kindle was launched in November, 2007. I'm glad that the number of titles has steadily increased, but at this rate it will take some years before the store has one million titles, much less the "every book ever published" dream that Jeff Bezos talked about when the K2 launched.

Do you think the pace at which titles are added will increase, decrease or stay about the same?
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Sadly, I wouldn't even download it if it was free. .  . . .sorry.  :)

Aww, well, probably for the best. I really didn't want to have to spend my time coming up with a story to fit those lines! I may try my hand at writing a story someday, but it will not have vampires as the misunderstood hero!
I like the emotional vampire stories instead. In The Jade Owl, I have a ch'i vampire (although she doesn't flap in a belfry or speak Romanian).

Edward C. Patterson
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