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Hey guys!

I just posted in the introductions but noticed that ads for books are only allowed here, so:


Gabriel is an Observer: a member of an ancient race that created
Earth and humanity. His task is simple. He observes humans from afar
and reports any sign of interference from The Fallen, people of his
kind who have broken their most important rule: never interact with
humans. But when Gabriel becomes fascinated with a young human named Alyssa,
it isn't long before he justifies breaking the rule himself.

His forbidden association with her doesn't go unnoticed. The Fallen
seek to recruit him and The Enforcers, a separate caste of his society
who ensure punishment of those who break the rules, force him to
hide--all while trying to combat a centuries-old plot by The
Fallen to destroy humanity and claim Earth for themselves.

Spending most of his time now with Alyssa in her world, Gabriel
realizes he's acting more like a human than an Observer, and he must
make a choice: sever all ties with his people, or lose the woman he


Hackett has created something totally unique and different from traditional teen fiction now. His story was a mix of science fiction, romance, action, and more to create a page turning experience.

The author not only writes a just plain good story, but also leaves the reader with the anticipation of more to come in Gabe's interaction with the Fallen, those of his own planet who resent what he has done and his interaction with Alyssa for a second time.

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Welcome to KindleBoards, Chris, and congratulations on your book! :)

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Thank you, Anne! I'm excited to be a part of the Kindleboards community  :).
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