The Olive Picker: A Memoir, by Kathryn Brettell
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"Kathi's reflection of her time growing up in America with a step-family is heart-rendering but hopeful. Her endurance in overcoming trials of loneliness, self-doubt, and rejection and neglect speaks to the strength of the human spirit. Kathi's experiences will make you laugh and cheer, as she sets out against all odds to survive her childhood, get a college education, and find the love and support all of us innately crave." -- Amazon Reviewer
A step kid, Kathi grows up with all the confidence of a road flattened squirrel. She marries for all the wrong reasons, and deals with a variety of challenges with wit and determination. Kathi allows life to drag her along in it's wake, until the day she is faced with a life or death situation. Then, everything changes.
If you like thrillers, this haunting book is for you.
"A gripping read, deceptively playful at times, this brave book is a stark reminder that truth is often stranger than fiction." - Vibha Malhotra, author and founder of Literature Studio

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When Kathryn isn't skirting the globe, she lives in a log cabin in Colorado. She is currently in Singapore, after a long stint in India. She enjoys snow skiing, cooking, reading, horseback riding, and hiking. Her book THE OLIVE PICKER, is actually her best biography, since it is a true story chronicling her humor, determination, and success in dealing with a variety of abusive domestic situations. Kathryn has written and published other short stories as well as some travel blogs while she trekked across India, Africa, Europe and Australia. She is very happily married, pursuing her lifelong love of writing, and enjoying life. It is her sincere hope, through her writing, to help people who find themselves in situations of abuse, wherever they are in their journey. To that end, she encourages you to commit an act of random kindness today. Smile at a stranger, help someone for no reason, treat others as you would have them treat you. Simple acts of kindness have profound effects and there are so many things we can all do, at no cost, to help make the world a better place.