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'The Piranet' (Protect Yourself Online) (Politics and Piracy)

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According to various reputable news outlets select governments have been working with internet service providers, and other companies, to create lists of people who have been pirating content online. It's been said that the lists of Canadian, and American, citizens has reached into the millions. What are they planning on doing with this list? At large, the answer remains unknown to most people.

Some are suggesting a 6 strike rule, and even a banning from internet usage when piracy is continued.

Did you know that saving a copyrighted image to your desktop was considered copyright infringement and that this can sometimes be traced to your computer via the request sent out from your machine to receive the data? This often falls under illegal transfer and/or duplication. As you can see it really pays to know copyright.

Every time you click a click-able link a request is sent out, and data is sent back. In many cases these requests are programmed to be tracked. This is how companies collect in depth analytics on their sites. (Just like when anyone with a site checks how any pages hits they've got.)

Some news to get you thinking!

5 major internet providers in the US signed an agreement to crack down on piracy - News article can be found on The Atlantic

A forensic software company collected files on a million Canadians who it says have downloaded pirated content. - News article can be found on Vancouver Sun

Chinese authorities have arrested 3001 people in their piracy crackdown - News article can be found on

Did you know that hackers, and other malicious netfarers of the net seas can gain your computer's personal information and commit crimes under it? Empower yourself by reading The Piranet, an easy to read e-book on piracy and internet protection.

It would seem that there are brewing troubles ahead for pirates; make sure that you're not one of them. Read The Pirianet to learn about internet piracy, and how you can protect yourself in the years to come.

Note - contains information on how to legally hide torrent downloads, and internet usage, thus keeping you safer from hackers, and other malicious individuals.
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As a bit of a discussion for the topic at hand, I'm wondering what are your takes on piracy? I do hope that you'll share your opinions.

I personally feel that there should be changes to the laws to make them lighter, in some cases, I'll go into detail for later, but for now I just want to know what you think. Should laws be lighter?
Also would like to share the first review on 'The Piranet'

The title can be found here

'The Piranet' is a title on internet piracy that explains many of the things pirates have done, as well as ways that one can protect themselves from malicious netfarers. Also contains creative fictitious writing such as poetic ode to 'TheThingy', stupid things pirates have said online, and other great information.
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