"The Pirates of Sufiro" is a sci-fi adventure with woven plot-lines that will keep you flipping until the last page! Get it free today!

The Pirates of Sufiro (Book 1) (Old Star New Earth), by David Lee Summers
304 pages, with a 3.7-star rating from 27 reviews

"The Pirates of Sufiro is a tale of rogues on the fringes of civilized space. Even when the Pirates are not looking for trouble, trouble comes to them. The book moves along rapidly, spanning many decades, but the story holds together and keeps you wondering what will happen next. While some science fiction can be quite esoteric, Pirates of Sufiro is light reading and the story will also appeal to those who might not generally read science fiction novels. I'm looking forward to reading more of David Lee Summers works." -- Amazon reviewer
The Pirates of Sufiro is the story of a planet and its people--of Ellison Firebrandt, the pirate captain living in exile; of Espedie Raton, the con-man looking to make a fresh start for himself and his wife on a new world; of Peter Stone, the ruthless bank executive who discovers a fortune and will do anything to keep it; and of the lawman, Edmund Ray Swan who travels to Sufiro seeking the quiet life but finds a dark secret. It is the story of privateers, farmers, miners, entrepreneurs, and soldiers--all caught up in dramatic events and violent conflicts that will shape the destiny of our galaxy. Co-published with Hadrosaur

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David Lee Summers is an author, editor and astronomer living somewhere between the western and final frontiers in Southern New Mexico. He is the author of seven novels. His short stories and poems have appeared in numerous magazines including Cemetery Dance, Realms of Fantasy, Star*Line, and The Santa Clara Review. David is also the founding editor of Tales of the Talisman Magazine.

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