This highly-rated work of horror is an intense, tautly-written quick read. Highly recommended by its readers, and a no-brainer of a download at its current 99-cent price!

THE ROAD TO HELL IS PAVED WITH ZOMBIES: Zombie Fighter Jango Book 1, by Cedric Nye
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104 pages, with a 4.8-star rating from 47 reviews

"Jango is neither hero nor villain in this story but simply a man that has a troubled past while fighting for his survival in a zombie infested world. He is also free from exasperating indecision; he will kill when he wants to kill and even let you know about it. Delusional, hardcore with a brush of kindness - Jango is a one of a kind central character in the undead fiction niche...I highly recommended the Zombie Fighter Jango series to my fellow horror fans who would like to read a fresh twist in the genre." -- Reviewed by Lit Amri for Readers' Favorite
Jango doesn't know it, but his vacation is about to go right to hell. However, the growing hordes of ravening undead aren't the only problems Jango is facing. His mind is breaking apart, and he is losing his grip on reality.
With bloodthirsty panache, Jango kills humans and zombies alike with whatever weapons he can find.
As his mind splinters, and then breaks,you will find out that THE ROAD TO HELL IS PAVED WITH ZOMBIES.
Get your gear, because THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE HAS BEGUN!!


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Meet the Author

I walk the lonely roads of FEAR, and the only god I know is SURVIVAL. I had to learn to worship at the altar of VIOLENCE, but I worship in my own way.
I swore I would never be the abuser, but, I think I will always be the abused. Child abuse drives a splinter into the soft psyche of a child, and, if left untreated, if that child's natural resiliency is not given a chance to work, then that splinter becomes a worm. That worm can eat a hole into the spirit of that child, and that child will grow up, They will never be able to fill that hole, sex, self-abuse, drugs, violence, even killing; they don't fill the hole for long.
I burn myself clean with exercise, I brutalize myself so that no innocents will ever suffer at my hand.
What? You thought my author's bio was going to be candy-canes and smiles? Well, maybe later.
Thank you for checking out my author's page, and I hope you will check out my book, "The Road To Hell Is Paved With Zombies." You can see how a Child of Abuse might function in a true Zombie Apocalypse! Zombie Fighter Jango is loose!
Find me on YouTube for self-defense, Post-Apocalyptic fitness, madness, and mayhem at