The Seaforth Chronicles is a unique and highly-praised series -- and you can get the first book, "The Witches of Merribay," today for just 99 cents. And coming up soon: "The Witch and the Bottle of Djinn" (Fall, 2014) and "The Merfolk of Merribay" (Spring, 2015).

The Witches of Merribay (The Seaforth Chronicles Book 1), by B.J. Smash

"Awesome book! The author created a world with very detailed description and adventure. The sentence structure flowed and the word usage was creative. The book put itself together in such a way, making me unable to put the book down. I would certainly recommend to anyone who is interested in the fantasy genre." -- Amazon reviewer
*** A twisted tale of earth, air, fire, and water ***

Living in Maine with her grandmother and eccentric aunts is not how sixteen-year-old Ivy Seaforth expected to spend her summer-but working for a peculiar wealthy man and running errands for a powerful witch who lives in a tree-house wasn't in her plans, either. And her sister, Zinnia...something was different. Zinnia was making mysterious visits to the forest, and that was certainly forbidden. Ivy longed for the days when she and her sister were best friends. Those days now seemed so long ago.
Ivy soon discovers that, along with the witch, the forest is inhabited by a wondrous race of otherworldly and unearthly beautiful beings - the Fae, and a young man of an even fairer race. When her father disappears, Ivy, must help the old witch break an evil curse that is preventing her from finding him. As she discovers her own mysterious past for the first time, she must learn to accept that things are not always as they seem and that magic might just be real.
With this new knowledge and the help of her new friends, will she be able to find her father? Will she be able to save her sister? Or is Zinnia already beyond being saved?
Book two: The Witch and the Hellhound
Book three: The Sea Witch and the Mermaid
The Witch and the Bottle of Djinn (Fall, 2014)
The Merfolk of Merribay (Spring, 2015)

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Meet the Author

B.J.Smash aka Brenda J. Smith, grew up in a small town in Maine, literally in the middle of nowhere, where she may or may not have been taken to fairyland. She also may or may not have seen an elf or two roaming in the woods. Her books are inspired by dreams that she had in her younger days. Brenda lived in Thailand for five years, was trained to be a certified mahout, loves elephants, and now resides in Maryland with her husband, daughter, son, and two Cavalier King Charles spaniels. She loves to visit Scotland and hopes to someday visit Ireland. She will continue to write about the Fae as she understands them to be. Thank you for taking the time to read her books.