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MURAL DAWN #3: The Second Veil - "The nightmares you have given birth to from within your mind will rip the world to shreds. The war of mankind will begin." - "Mural was coming to the end of the dark tunnel, on the other side, a destiny awaited her..."

PART THREE: - Harry Bamber has traveled through the 'Void' into 'The Second Veil' - soon he finds himself at the edges of human madness inside the very nightmares that will twist his soul from within...

...Mural is about to face her destiny against the armies, it is her fate. But Harry discovers a truth within the darkness of his soul that suddenly puts things in whole new perspective... Without Mural, the world will succumb to the horrors that have been so long in the making.

Mural Dawn Series:

There is another world called the Second Veil woven into our reality, it remains hidden just beyond the timelessness of the Void.

Harry Bamber is a 'Lost Soul' searching for the one who can give him the answers he has been looking for. Throughout his entire life, he has been on a journey that will culminate in a destiny with another world.

Mural is one of the Surillium Children, born of Earth to fight the darkness that threatens our reality. She is mysterious, beautiful, violent, unforgiving and full of hate for the destiny that had been chosen for her.

Both will become the last great hope of Humankind.

This THIRD part is unique and original 25,000 word book that combines horror and contemporary dark fantasy with dashings of mystery and science fiction!


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