Andy grows up thinking that his father left him. The truth unfolds after he befriends an elderly, disabled man who has a secret buried in a hollow tree. Download this supernatural mystery for a great price today!

The Secret in Defiance: A Coming of Age Supernatural Adventure, by Jeff Bennington and Patrick Bousum
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310 pages, with a 4.3-star rating from 130 reviews

"The Secret Tree grabs you from the very beginning. I was in love with the characters. Andy Harper is a boy, without a father, who finds himself wrapped up in a 30 year-old mystery. He is braver than most adults would be. He is determined to keep a promise he made to Mr Beasley. Russell Veederman is a man who is drawn to Andy. He can relate to the losses Andy has in his life. Together they will face down evil men intent on killing them... and a witch. The ending kept me turning pages as quickly as I could read them. I can see this making a very good movie! Read it! You won't be sorry." -- Bibliophile
"This book has everything! It's touching, sad, thrilling and suspenseful. This is definitely Bennington's best yet!" ~ Krista Glavin

"Page Turner!" ~ Rebecca Taylor

"WOW MUST READ!" ~ Rhonda


When Andy Harper is entrusted with a powerful secret from his dying neighbor, he discovers that Defiance is far more mysterious than he thought. There are secrets, legends, hauntings, and men with dangerous plans. Suspicious of Andy and the Harper family, members of an old mob syndicate connected to Al Capone will stop at nothing to recover something very precious they lost 30 years ago.

While unraveling the "secret", Andy must protect his mother and little sister, and find out what happened to his missing father before he is the next victim. Will Andy uncover the power behind the secret? Will he rid his town of the darkness lurking in the shadows? Or... will he die trying?

Think Stephen King's "The Body", "Tom Sawyer" and "The Last Child" by John Hart, and you'll get THE SECRET IN DEFIANCE.

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Meet the Author

Jeff Bennington is the bestselling author of supernatural thrillers like REUNION, TWISTED VENGEANCE, THE SECRET IN DEFIANCE and the CREEPY Series. Patrick Bousum is the co-author of The Secret in Defiance. This is Patrick's first published collaboration.

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