"Intriguing." "Engrossing." "Imaginative." So say readers of Barbara St. Raine's opening book in her Shadow Masters series. Read on for more!

The Shadow Master's Miss (The Shadow Masters series Book 1), by Barbara St. Raine
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281 pages, with a 4.6-star rating from 9 reviews

"Engrossing and satisfying! This strangely engaging book was hard to put down. It's well-written and there were unexpected twists and turns in the story that kept my attention from the very first page. So I'm looking forward to reading more of The Shadow Masters series." -- Amazon reviewer

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The Shadow Master's Miss, Book one in the shadow Master's series. An incredible and romantic Adventure in Historical Paranormal Romance

She prayed for an angel to light her way
But it was a sensuous devil in the shadows
Who answers her prayers...

When a neighbor attacks their ranch, Tara's mother begs her to escape with her siblings and keep them safe. Leaving her Mother behind to distract the killers who've attacked them was the hardest thing Tara had ever done. Tara has just herded her sisters and brother to safety when they saw flames lighting the night sky. They fear their mother has perished in the blaze.

When Drake Masters, the legendary 'Shadow Master' arrives and learns of the Kingsleys misfortunes he dedicates himself to putting a stop to the killing. If he can find the Kingsley before the men who even now hunt them he will do everything in his power to save them from the dark evil intent upon their destruction.

In recent years Drake has discovered a strange talent; his ability to manipulate what he has come to think of as the shadows. Shortly after he became a Pinkerton agent he was in a desperate situation and suddenly a cloud of shadow cloaked his presence, keeping him from being detected and allowing him to rescue a fellow Pinkerton agent in the process.

He has used that talent for many years but now his family is being threatened by a criminal intent on revenge. Drake's decision, to leave Boston to start the horse ranch he has always dreamed of, prompts his decision to move his family to safety in California; which brings him into Tara's desperate nightmare.

Tara reluctantly agrees that she and Drake should join forces. She soon finds him working magic with her troubled siblings and her own bruised heart. Now, she must fight the elements on the open trail to Abilene, the ruthless men who would destroy her family and the valiant devil who threatens to steal her heart, brand her body with his hot kisses and imprison her very soul.

From the first moment he saw Tara, Drake, knew that destiny brought him to this place; to avenge a wrong long overdue and to claim the love of the only woman who could ever be… the shadow Master's Miss.

But can they succeed with such overwhelming odds against them and no help in sight? He knew they were heading into the darkness of the unknown. Lies, betrayal, even death could be waiting there. Can their fragile bond survive the perils of the trail ahead - and the secrets waiting for them there; within the shadows.

If you can't find love in the light of day… it's time to look in the shadows.

Warning: This novel features adult themes; recommended only for mature readers!

Start reading about legendary Pinkerton Detective Drake Masters and his paranormal abilities as 'The Shadow Master.'

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Barbara St Raine is a long time reader of all romantic fiction. Her love of reading has led to making her own stories come to life. Meeting these characters has taken her places she never dreamed she would go. She and her husband, Lorenzo, both love to travel and that spirit also finds its way into her fiction. One of her favorite things is all the wonderful ideas her grumpy, fourteen-year-old beagle, Spencer, shares with her while she writes but she won't say which ideas are actually hers. She is a native of California who loves stormy, windy weather as long as there's a roaring fire in the hearth, her husband and pup by her side, and a great old movie on the tube.