The Slaver Wars: Alien Contact (The Slaver Wars Book Two), by Raymond L. Weil

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275 pages, with a 4.1-star rating from 219 reviews

"Every once in a while I run across a Hugh Howey (Wool) or an Anthony Bellaleigh (Firebird) or Ian Robb White (ASBO, Sam, et al) and discover a truly gifted writer. When that happens I get all kinds of excited. Well, add Raymond L Weil to the list. Add him pretty close to the top, too!. I started out by reading the three short novellas that set up the Slaver Wars. At the conclusion, a trilogy of full-length novels was promised. Luckily for me, I finished up the trilogy the day after "Alien Contact" was released. I knew the author had a couple of other series in progress, but I didn't want to pick them up until I saw what he could do with a full-sized continuation of the fascinating premise presented in the first "Slaver Wars" novellas.

Wow. No joke. Wow. I tore through the book in just over a day. Then I went back and read it again, intending to take my time and savor it slowly as the story unfolded. Not a chance. I ripped through the second read in less time than it took to read it the first time. Good science fiction is horribly rare unless you go back to the Golden Age authors like Asimov, Clarke, and so forth. This book stands with the absolute best galactic sci-fi I have ever read. If Mr. Weil doesn't get a Hugo nod for this book I will be absolutely stunned." -- Amazon reviewer
Over 15,000 copies sold!
Can be read as a stand alone novel. It is not necessary to have read the other books in the series.

From the author of Moon Wreck comes the first full length novel in the Slaver Wars series.

The Human Federation of Worlds thought they were alone in the galaxy. But now an alien spacecraft has appeared over one of their distant mining operations. The frightened miners immediately call for help to deal with this worrisome first contact situation.

Admiral Streth is sent to implement talks with the aliens and to find out what they want. The aliens inform the admiral that they are called Hocklyns and are from a large multi-world trading federation. In truth, they come from an empire that is expanding through the galaxy and conquering world after world for slaves, and they have set their sights on the human worlds as their next conquest.

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I live in Clinton Oklahoma with my wife of 38 years and our cats. I attended college at SWOSU in Weatherford Oklahoma, majoring in Math with minors in Creative Writing and History.

My hobbies include watching soccer, reading, camping, and of course writing. I coached youth soccer for twelve years before moving on and becoming a high school soccer coach for thirteen more. I also enjoy playing with my grandchildren.

I am an avid reader and have a science fiction / fantasy collection of over two thousand paperbacks. I want future generations to know the experiance of reading a good book, as I have over the last forty years. I also have a very vivid imagination, which sometimes worries my friends. They never know what I am going to say or what I am going to do.

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