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My new short story anthology is now available on Amazon and Smashwords and is reduced from $3.99 to 99c until the end of August

A collection of eight Science Fiction and Fantasy short stories, plus two 500 words pieces of Flash Fiction. This collection features stories previously published in Realms of Fantasy, Mammoth books, On Spec, etc and contains:

The Smell of Magic
Love may smell sweet and betrayal bitter, but revenge has the richest scent of all... Kelde returns to his village after two years away as an apprentice Witch Hunter. He meets Shara his childhood sweetheart, who has promised to wait for him, but is she everything she seems?

Cooper's Creek
A Bradburyesque tale of a road trip and a man who finds that it may be possible to change.

First Through the Post
Tony is a mailer; someone who sends themselves through the vacuum tube postal system in a box for the fun and thrill of the challenge.
When Brandon, a brash young American arrives at the Mailers' hangout, Tony decides to call his bluff and challenges him to a race through the dreaded King's Cross hub....

Alyssa and the Robin
A girl lives in a house by herself with just a mechanical bird for company. Then she finds that not everything is as it seems…

Ella lives on a space station with her stepmother and two beautiful sisters. When a ball is announced she tries everything she can to go and meet the man of her dreams.

The Case of the Overdressed Man
Dr. Theosophus, the famous Victorian magician and his young assistant Nick are disturbed by a mysterious man who is dressed in heavy clothing despite the summer heat outside. Soon robots, a missing society beauty and the new Elektron energy mean Nick and Dr T have a tricky new case on their hands.

Keeping Time
Miss Belleville carries time from the Royal Observatory as she has done for years - what would happen if she were stopped? An Edwardian fantasy based on a true story.

Waiting for An Angel
Johnny has died and been left on earth for a reason that he has to figure out as he waits for his angel.

The collection is 32,000 words in total.

You can buy it here:

Amazon US
Amazon UK

Don't forget that I have a free sample short story (which is not in the collection) available here:

Completing the Cycle (Short Story)

Many thanks


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Welcome to KindleBoards, Mike, and congratulations on your book!

(If you've gotten this welcome before, it's just as a matter of housekeeping. We like to put a copy of the "welcome letter" in each book thread. It doesn't mean you've done anything wrong, it just helps us know that you know the rules.)

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