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The SPECULATIVE FICTION Showcase is Seeking Submissions!

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The Speculative Fiction showcase: is seeking submissions!

There are several ways to be featured in the showcase:

New Releases
Guest Posts
Author Interviews
Spe-Fic Links
Indie Speculative Fiction of the Month roundup

Submissions will be posted on a first-come-first-serve basis.

If you would like to submit a new release (30 days prior- or post-release) (example:, please contact Heidi Garrett @ heidi _ g @ comcast . net UPDATED 12/29/2014 Jessica Rydill or Cora Buhlert. (See email addresses below.)

If you'd like to submit a spec-fic related Guest Post on any spec-fic related topic (Example: or featuring one of your books (example:, please contact Jessica Rydill at jessica . rydill @ gmail . com

If you have a spec-fic related link (example: or have a new release to be included in the Indie Speculative Fiction of the Month roundup (example:, please contact Cora Buhlert at cora @ corabuhlert . com

If you would like to participate in an Author Interview (example:, please contact either Jessica or Cora at the respective email addresses above. (Interview formats will be slightly varied.)

Additionally, over at the SPECULATIVE FICTION high-five circle,173316.0.html authors have been participating in The Writing Process Blog Tour The Speculative Fiction Blog Hop since April, so we have a great chain going. If you'd like to participate please contact: Shelia Guthrie at newsfromsheilasworld @ gmail . com to schedule a date.

What is speculative fiction?

We use this quote from kboard author William D. Richards to define a big umbrella: an all-encompassing genre created to describe stories of science fiction, fantasy, alternate history, and other stories that have an element of "What if..." in them. A story in speculative fiction is one that adds an element of the unreal, or asks, what would become of our society if history took a different direction at some important event? Fiction with a little something extra thrown in.
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Thank you guys - and gals!

I've just posted an author interview with Cora, which is an example of how author interviews will look, going forward. We'll probably vary the interview questions, or let the author choose what they want to answer.

Dean, that's excellent, good to hear from you!
Heidi - I need a little thumbs up icon person. Thank you for getting it started and working so hard on it!

I had a chuckle about the recycling bit too, not least because we spend a *lot* of time doing it here.

Vincent, that would be great. Just drop us an email (or a PM) whenever you're ready.

And Daniel - thank you for your email! I have replied...
It has got better in the UK, Cora. Though where I live (in Bath) the local council are very keen on recycling - not all local authorities are the same. We even get recycling collections now.

I was living in London in the 1990s too - mainly in Stoke Newington!

I've replied to everyone who has sent inquiries - thank you for your interest. :)
Brilliant, Cora - many thanks! I'm really pleased to be on the round-up this month. There were times when I thought we'd never get the book published.

I have now posted up the new author interview from Stan Smith, author of

The interview is fascinating as Stan has worked for NASA in the past.

We've had a great response and have got several Spec Fic authors lined up for interview. I've really enjoyed reading the responses and there is some great stuff to come! Thank you to everyone who has responded so far.
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heidi_g said:
Excellent! I'll go and have a read and do sharing and +1s. :)
Joel Arnold said:
Nice looking website! Great work!
Thank you, Joel. Heidi designed the site. And Vincent Trigili's author interview is up now, courtesy of Cora.
CoraBuhlert said:
You beat me to it, Jessica.
Thanks, Mike and Marilyn! Cate, I think Heidi may be without internet for a few days. :)

Keep those submissions coming, folks. We've got lots of interesting stuff from spec fic authors scheduled for the next few weeks.
CoraBuhlert said:
Jessica just posted an interview with Dean F. Wilson.

Heidi is offline over the weekend, but keep those submissions coming anyway.
Thank you, Cora!
Today on the Speculative Fiction showcase; new release, Buddy, a Science Fiction Short by Jeff Tanyard

We've got more new releases coming soon, together with Guest Posts, Author interviews and other fun stuff.

We're always open for submissions on a first come, first served basis.
Thank you Cora - I will do some +1s and stuff to boost the signal.
CoraBuhlert said:
Thank you, Cora! I have shared and tweeted and suchlike. I suspect I have some links for next week's already.
S. Elliot Brandis said:
I'll have to do a submission for Part 1 of 'Once upon a time at the end of the world'. I'm just finalizing the cover at the moment... everything else has been done for a while.

Great job on the site btw.
That would be great, Elliot. You could do an interview - the answers to these have been great! Or a guest post.
From Cora Buhlert: Speculative Fiction Links of the Week for September 19, 2014

Lots more interviews and new releases coming up! We're accepting submissions.
Today's interview with author Daniel Solomon Kaplan is up:

It's been said before, but it bears repeating; ;) for more information about how to take part in the Speculative Fiction Showcase, click here for more info:
CoraBuhlert said:
Today's featured new release is Once Upon a Time at the End of the World by KB's own S. Elliot Brandis, so check it out.

We're always open for submissions, though Heidi is away at Indie Recon and won't be able to respond at once.
While Heidi is away, you can also send new releases to me.
Facade: A Vampire Love Story by R. M. Webb is up today as a new release!

Please keep those submissions coming, folks.
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