James Halat's "The Story of Teddy and Eddie" is a unique and captivating story woven together with poetic passages. Halet's tale tells of main character Nino's story of gender identity and self-discovery.

The Story of Teddy and Eddie: A Novel, by James Halat
193 pages, with a 5-star rating from 5 reviews

""The Story of Teddy and Eddie" is not a mystery book, and yet a quiet sense of mystery pervades every page from the very beginning. Our narrator, Nino, tells everything in first-person present-tense, which always gives fiction a curious tone. While Nino is pretty certain he is gay, he has never wanted to be with another person. Not until he meets Aki. With the help of Teddy, Eddie, and his childhood friend Bobbie, Nino embarks on a journey to overcome his detachment from the rest of the world and commit to making himself truly happy for once." -- Amazon Reviewer
"How does a 12 year old obtain a pint of whiskey?
He makes friends with the junior high school alcoholic."

Nino is an atypical child growing up in a conventional New Jersey suburb in the 1960s. By the age of 12 he carries a bottle of whisky in his backpack and spends his days studying boys from a distance. His only rule: Look but don't touch. Then, in a way peculiar to being adolescent, he falls into a routine of mild detachment that never quite feels right; it often feels good, but it never feels right.

Now, at age 20, and long settled in his ways, Nino is approached in the university library by a winsome looker named Aki. He suddenly finds himself looking for a place that isn't on any map, and wanting to go there.

Not knowing what to do, he turns to his best friends, Teddy and Eddie, for help. Thus embarking on a breathless joyride of the senses that, in the end, drops Nino off at his destination.

Compelling, sexually charged, and awash in anxious uncertainty, The Story of Teddy and Eddie follows Nino as he makes the terrifying choices no one should ever have to make, illuminating the indelible impact of childhood and memory on decisions so close to the heart.

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James Halat was born in Paterson, New Jersey, and now lives in Tokyo. Before moving to Japan, he lived in New York City.

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