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The Structure of a Serial

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Hi, everyone.

I've been pondering over the structural components of serialized fiction for some time. I've noticed threads here on KindleBoards in that vein, and so I thought I'd share my most recent blog post, which is one analysis of that issue. I'm curious on gathering up ideas, and seeing what people think. I'd also be curious to find out who else has written about this, and what they think. I didn't have much luck finding any traditionally or self-published authors who'd written about how they analyze the structure of serialized fiction.

- Zack
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TattooedWriter said:
There's been quite a lot written on this subject.
And as TattooedWriter modestly didn't mention, his blog is a prime source of material--check out the link.
Charles Dickens is also a good example of a serial writer, yanno. :)
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