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America as we know it is being intentionally and systematically brought to an end. There's a New World Order that is beckoning on the horizon. Many believe the fallacy that the "so-called" world leaders who are promoting this new global agenda have our best interests at heart, and that a New World Order is going to be for the good of mankind.

In "The Twilight's Last Gleaming," you will begin to see that the once powerful slogan of "We the People" is now just a play on words to an ancient document, called the Constitution, that is no longer valued by those who govern us. We are no longer a republic or even a democracy for that matter, as the paradigms from which we form our opinions and ultimately make our political decisions, are carefully crafted, calculated and embedded into a propaganda machine to lead us to where the 'powers to be' want us to go.

However, the real crux of the problem is that America has become spiritually bankrupt. The Judeo-Christian values, that were the firm foundation upon which this country once stood, has been chipped away, little by little, leaving us with a spiritual void that has plunged its people into a dark abyss off corrupt immorality. The Church, which was to be the cornerstone and moral compass to the American dream has failed.

Many Churches today are preaching a misguided message that has strayed from the truth of Christ and His apostles that followed. This message that has strayed off the path of true Christianity is the concoction of our ultimate adversary, the devil, who is bent on destroying God's creation of man.

Yet, there's a light that is burning brightly in the hearts of those true believers in Christ that offers hope, salvation, and victory over any of Satan's schemes. You can claim that victory as well by understanding what Satan's game is, who is playing it, and how to overcome this global agenda.

The Bible's Prophecies tells us that this direction that our world is headed will not be stopped and that a dreadful day of suffering is coming. Learn how you can rise above this coming apocalypse and help others to see the truth and rise up as well.

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