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Vegetarian Slow Cooker Recipe Book - Vegetarian Cookbook for Busy Women (Diet Recipe Books - Healthy Cooking for Healthy Living 3), by Julia Cussler
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"Vegetarian Slow Cooker Recipe Book is an organized and informative recipe book sure to get your creative juices flowing! I never thought about doing oatmeal in the slow cooker? Those large oatmeal flakes are a pain in the rear to cook on the stove! Cussier writes in an informative and practical manner. With each recipe thoroughly explained and simplistic in nature. If you're pinched for time like I always seem to be. This recipe book is exactly what you need." -- Amazon reviewer
Julia Cussler is pleased to introduce her book "Vegetarian Slow Cooker Recipe Book - Vegetarian Cookbook for Busy Women" that belongs to the series "Diet Recipe Books - Healthy Cooking for Healthy Living". This is a great collection of healthy and tasty vegetarian recipes.

"The Vegetarian Slow Cooker Recipe Book" is written for anyone who wants to create great tasting vegetarian meals with the simplicity and ease of using a slow cooker. The results you can get with my recipes will amaze your tastebuds!

You can cook a wide variety of meals in a slow cooker. It is particularly good for cooking vegetarian meals, making the vegetables very soft and tasty. Slow cooker is also good for cakes and other sweet meals, which is something that very few people know.

In "The Vegetarian Slow Cooker Recipe Book" you will discover:

- How To Use A Slow Cooker - I show you the very simplest ways to get started cooking wonderful tasting vegetarian meals with a slow cooker!

- Slow Cooker Breakfast Recipes - wake up and start the day out right with these yummy vegetarian breakfasts!

- Slow Cooker Vegetarian Soup Recipes - soups are filling, tasty and easy to make. These recipes can also help you to lose weight too!

- Slow Cooker Vegetarian Main Course Recipes - all my favourite main dishes ready to go slow cooker style!

- Slow Cooker Recipes From Around The World - impress your friends and family with these delicious slow cooker vegetarian meals from all over the world!

- Slow Cooker Dessert Recipes - desserts in a slow cooker? Yes. I give you the very tastiest recipes to serve up after dinner and satisfy your taste buds!

- Slow Cooker Tips And Tricks - don't miss this chapter. It will give you all the tips and tricks that took me years to discover!

And much, much more…

The "The Vegetarian Slow Cooker Recipe Book" will teach you many delicious recipes that you can use for pretty much every type of meal, and yes there are cake recipes later in the book! Enjoy using your slow cooker and enjoy the delicious foods that you are about to make.

Simply click the link above to get started cooking great vegetarian slow cooker meals today!

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Hi, I'm Julia. I live in Toronto Canada with my husband, two kids and three cats. I have a big passion for my garden and my kitchen.

My father was a great gardener and enthusiast of healthy lifestyle, so am I. I love to learn new organic gardening techniques. I love to grow my fruits and vegetables. I love to cook them, create healthy meals and make wonderful juices and smoothies. I love to share new recipes with my friends, - enthusiasts of healthy food and healthy lifestyle.

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