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All David wanted was to play The Weaponized, a virtual reality Sci-Fi video game. As it turned out, he got signed up for much more than he bargained for. When he put on his headset and started the game, he found himself inside the video game.

However, the world he found himself in looked so realistic, he began to wonder whether he was actually inside the video game, or whether it was real life.

The Weaponized is a cooperative video game, so David is supposed to be playing with other people, whom he has never met before. Since he and his teammates are trapped inside the video game-or what looks like a video game-they need to learn to get along with one another and work together as a team.

And all the while David tries to find out how he ended up being in this place, whether or not it's actually a video game, and if he will ever be able to return home.

Here's few screenshots to demonstrate RPG elements in the book:

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