Want to immerse yourself into a dystopian world? Check out "The Weaponsmaker," Book 1 of the 88.1 series.

The Weaponsmaker (88.3 Book 1), by Giles Becker
447 pages, with a 5-star rating from 3 reviews

"Amazing book! Full of energy and excitement. Giles Becker has a talent for encapsulating you in the world he has created. Weaponsmaker is definitely worth the read." -- Amazon Reviewer
THREE DYSTOPIAN NOVELS; Three main characters on the edge of survival in a collapsing world. In the remote future the authorities have decreed there will be no more numbered years. It's hot. It's been hot and dry for a long time. The Agencies entertain themselves by spying on everybody. The lower classes are lucky to get two quarts of cloudy water a day. Above it all an old satellite broadcasts the literature and music of the ancient world at 88.3 and nobody can find the uplink to shut it up. It tells stories of a time when the years had numbers and lakes and river shone under a gentle sun. Then suddenly the rains come back. They come back storm upon catastrophic storm and in the chaos is the chance to fight for freedom or drown to strains of 'Queen of the Night'.

Book One: Alan Reavis is a young man of the privileged classes. He is thrown out of his life of luxury and into the slums of an overcrowded city. His years of fight training as a hobby come to his aid and he learns both compassion and battle skills in his struggle to survive the streets, save his brother from execution and ride the refugee trains to the high ground. He realizes that in the flooding is his chance to put together his personal army.

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Inventing a dystopian world is totally absorbing. I am familiar with Kansas City and chose it as the nexus of this future overcrowded world because it is at the confluence of three major rivers. I loved writing about a world gone backwards into kerosene lamps and secret police gliding by in ion thrusters; strange contrasts. Join me in this future planet of oppression and rebellion; the main characters both heroic and at times unsure but never dull. I have lived with all three of them for years; Alan, Nadia and Bude. O the places you'll go, the freights you'll hop, the weapons you'll steal, and the mysterious radio voice you will hear coming from 22,000 miles overhead with secret messages just for you. Get the popcorn.

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