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The Weed Box (The Garden Club Series)
By Cara O'Neill

Revenge is more than sweet. Just ask Toy Laveau, a woman determined to make the world a better place, and she'll explain that revenge is enlightening as well. At least for someone.

As attorney Khet Chambers soon discovers, working for Toy comes with its fair share of surprises, especially when it comes to Toy's highly lucrative human rating system called Snapdragon, a phone app that puts avenging common rudeness in the hands of the public at large.

"Are you tired of inconsiderate people who think their lives are more important than yours," asks Snapdragon's spokesperson. "Of rude people cutting you off in traffic - or constantly making you wait? Are you fed up with your boss criticizing you? Well, suffer no longer. You too can be heard because with Snapdragon," she grins as she points her phone at an imaginary target, "getting back - is a SNAP!"

What the hordes of unsuspecting users don't realize, however, is that Toy Laveau has more in store for them and that the "fun" doesn't stop until a bit of self-discovery takes place.
The sequel to Cara O'Neill's novel The Garden Club, this often hilarious story follows not only the continuation of Khet's personal struggles with her own relationship issues, but provides a "big brother" view of others grappling with their personal failings as well. Throw in hunky bodyguards and a South Seas spa, and what you have is The Weed Box, a unique, multi-leveled novel that entertains while allowing for introspection into the deeper themes of self-growth, delusion and truth.

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