The Worst Dilemma, by Muhammed Sokhna
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"No better title could describe this book as all of the characters find themselves in serious dilemmas! We first meet Chantrelle after catching her boyfriend cheating with two other women in her bed! Devastated and rightfully angry, Chantrelle leans on her girlfriends for the support to get over her now ex-boyfriend. College friend, Ashley, is quick to jump in and offer comfort to Chantrelle with whom she's in love with. Ariel and Alexis are also introduced as college friends and have their own worlds of chaos. With such an entangled web is there any hope of solace for the friends? Ariel was a sympathetic and compassionate soul who only wants the best for her loved ones, even if it means sacrificing herself." -- Amazon reviewer
Just what is love? Is it just a word people use for personal gain? Is it a verb that needs creativity expression in order to understand its full meaning? Or, is it just looking in the mirror?

For Chantrelle Hayfield, love is simplicity. But, she lives in Atlanta, a complex city full of surprises. Like her chiseled, tall, and chocolate next door neighbor, Rasheed Goodmen, who could be a new love interest? But, when her best friend, Ashley Leslie, comes out about her true feelings, will Chantrelle be able to handle the convoluted feelings of others even if that means losing her simplicity?

Chantrelle's other friends Ariel Samson and Alexis Smith could be able to guide her. But, Ariel needs to learn to be a little selfish and Alexis has to stop scheming to get by. The underworld of Atlanta will test each of these women. Because behind the spark of every dilemma, is lies and deception. Who will be able to see clearly in order to avoid tragedy?

(Warning: contains explicit scenes.)

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Muhammed Sokhna enjoys reading and writing Romance, Sci-Fi, and Fantasy novels. What he really enjoy doing are the simple things in life. That can be hanging with family and friends, helping others, and he can't forget about his fiance. But, his main hobby is writing. When he isn't glued to a computer screen, he is glued to a notebook working on the fundamentals of the craft. Writing gave him purpose after he attempted suicide at the age of eighteen. He wants his passion to be seen in my books so he can inspire someone to do whatever it is they want to do. Writing is his medium for showcasing his talent to the world.