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Are markets rational?

Investors once believed that armed with charts, balance sheets and profit forecasts they could work out where the market would be next year and the year after.

But after the financial crash of 2008, most experts have come to believe that what really drives the markets is psychology.

And nobody can make money as an investor unless they understand what drives them emotionally - and what drives the market.

In 'The Zeitgeist Investor: Unlocking The Mind of the Market' acclaimed financial blogger Tim Richards shows how the new science of psychological investing can explain the repeating patterns of stock-market history.

In a concise, tightly argued e-book, he analyses the great cycles of the markets to discover what really drove the great booms and busts of the past."

And he shows how these great market transitions can be explained by investor psychology.

It is the one book that no one who puts money into the markets can afford not to read.

Tim Richards work has been widely praised.

"I read Tim's Psy-Fi blog religiously and often share it with my colleagues. While taking a rigorous, scholarly approach to his writing, he makes sure that his commentary is also highly readable. His blog postings inevitably turn me upside down, making me think about and see the world differently."- Teresa A. Daniels, Dean & Professor - Human Resource Leadership Programs, Sullivan University

"We investors have met the enemy and it isn't the markets, but ourselves. Don't invest not knowing the many ways we investors commonly shoot ourselves in the foot. Investors would be wise to read Tim Richards' The Psy-Fi Blog because it does as good a job of translating the findings of behavioral finance into lessons for individual investors." - Tadas Viskanta, Founder and Editor of Abnormal Returns and author of Abnormal Returns: Winning Strategies from the Frontlines of the Investment Blogosphere



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