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If you can include something physical that the customers can take with them (like a flyer with a coupon code) I would do it.  Otherwise, you are wasting your money.  That sort of marketing is about BRANDING, not SELLING.  The reason is that customers are lazy.  They are not going to write down your book title and remember to check it out on Amazon later.  So after two hours of sitting through a movie and then driving home, the last thing on their mind is going to be your ebook.  However, if they have something with them, they will say "Oh yeah, I wanted to check this out" and you have a higher chance of generating activity.

Keep in mind, even though 15,000 customers a month sounds impressive, you have to calculate how many of them shop on Amazon and read ebooks.  If someone's preferred vendor is BN, for example, and they go to BN and your book is not there, they aren't going to go looking for you.

In marketing, you aim for a 2% click through rate.  That number equals the percentage of viewers who will remember your ad or take some action to get more information.  Of that percentage, you are looking at a conversion rate of anywhere from 1%-20% depending on the ease of the transaction, attractiveness of the product to the consumer, and assorted other factors.  Let's assume you can get a 20% conversion rate.  At 15,000 customers per month, 300 will remember your book and go look for it.  Of those, 60 will buy it.  Will 60 sales per month cover the cost of the advertising? 

Which brings me back to the flyer.  If the customer has something physical in their hand, they are more likely to remember or, by extension, whomever else sees the flyer may take action.  Even increasing your click through to 5%, you now have 750 people per month looking at your book, with 150 purchasing.
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