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Celebrating the BOOK LAUNCH of my third novel.

Two strangers locked in a dark room only interested in escape, but fate has other plans. They'll take an unexpected journey to a place they couldn't have imagined, find a love neither ever dreamed of and discover a Secret they'll be sworn to protect.

Just Released by the author of the #1 Kiindle Gothic/Time Travel Island of Secrets- a new romantic time travel adventure....

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Thanks to everyone for making SWORN TO SECRECY a best seller on Amazon during it's Book Launch Week. Today is the last day of the official celebration so be sure to pick up your own copy if you haven't already today before the price goes up on tomorrow.
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Sworn to Secrecy is a HOT NEW RELEASE on Amazon in Three Categories! Thank you so much for making it such a success!

Their arrival was foretold in a journal and protected by one family for generations.

The time has come and one woman will succeed or fail -

She'll have to help to fulfill the past, but they'll have to protect her future.

Dak Bartholomew is a US Secret Service agent. When he wakes up locked in a dark room, it's just another day until he realizes that he's not alone. Protecting the woman covered in dirt comes natural, but the feelings she stirs inside him are anything but ordinary.

Elizabeth Porter would like nothing more than to plunge her knife through the stranger's heart for all the trouble he's caused, but he doesn't seem nearly as bad as they said he was. When he looks at her, she fears her heart is the one in danger. .

Together they'll take an unexpected journey to a time and place they could never have imagined and discover a secret they'll be sworn to protect.

An unlikely alliance...a love born from the ashes of adversity....but will it be enough to preserve the past and guarantee their future?

Sworn To Secrecy - Review (excerpted from full review)
"Sworn to Secrecy" by Tammie Clarke Gibbs is a captivating romance that is well deserving of a 5-star rating!

As you could probably have guessed by the books I have previously reviewed, I am a dystopian/thriller junkie; so romance is not usually my cup of tea. However, "Sworn to Secrecy" broke all of my preconceived notions about the genre. Gibbs builds a wildly creative story that spices up the typical romance by adding in a hint of time-travel to the mix. But this time-travel element is not enough to push it into the science fiction genre, but is rather a brilliant way for us to fall in love with the characters. I fell in love with this book within the first chapter and savored every page after that!
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