From master storyteller Rayne Hall, and with illustrations by Jamie Chapman, this collection is full of "suspenseful, atmospheric, creepy, unsettling and sometimes disturbing" stories. In the mood for a well-crafted chill? Pick up this set of 30 stories for just 99 cents today!

Thirty Scary Tales (Illustrated): Horror Stories, by Rayne Hall
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268 pages, with a 4.1-star rating from 115 reviews

"A book in the traditional form of good old-fashioned ghostly tales to send a thrill of chill down your spine." -- Amazon reviewer

"A perfect mix of dark, spooky and supernatural... satisfyingly creepy." -- Amazon reviewer

"A treasure chest replete with dark, wickedly enticing gems... the kind of chilling horror that shows more than it tells." -- Amazon reviewer
Thirty creepy stories by Rayne Hall. This is subtle horror, atmospheric and unsettling rather than violent and gory. Some stories explore the paranormal, others probe into the dark corners of the human psyche. The frights may creep up on you and linger for a long time.

This book is a compilation of volumes 1-5 of the Six Scary Tales books. It includes the acclaimed stories Burning and The Bridge Chamber.

All stories have been previously published in magazines, ezines, collections and anthologies. Not suitable for young readers without parental guidance. British English.

Stories in collection include:
The Devil You Know, Greywalker, Prophetess, Each Stone A Life, By Your Own Free Will, The Bridge Chamber, Only A Fool, Four Bony Hands, The Black Boar, Double Rainbows, Druid Stones, Burning, Scruples, Seagulls, Night Train, Through the Tunnel, Black Karma, Take Me To St. Roch's, Turkish Night, Never Leave Me, The Colour of Dishonour, Beltane, The Painted Staircase, I Dived The Pandora, Terre Vert and Payne's Grey, They Say, Tuppence Special, Disturbed Sleep, Normal Considering the Weather, Arete.

This is an illustrated edition with artwork by illustrator Jamie Chapman. The cover illustration is by Xteve Abanto.

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Rayne Hall is a fantasy and horror author with more than forty books published in several languages. After living in Germany, Mongolia, China and Nepal she has settled on the south coast of England in a small dilapidated seaside town of former Victorian grandeur. Her muse is a black cat adopted from the rescue shelter.