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This is odd...

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My latest book, the Icefire Trilogy Omnibus (in signature) has vanished from my author page.

It's not set to "draft"
It's present on  my Author Central page
My author page gives the correct number of books, it's just not displaying this one, which is annoying because I made the omnibus version especially for something else I'm doing at the moment, and it's available only on Amazon.... argh!
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I see it.  Did you adjust the way you're sorting or something?
*checks again*

Nope, it's not in my author page listing. It was there yesterday. It says there are 30 books at the top of the page, and that is correct. It just only displays 29. *scratches head*
I see it. It's the fourth one down. $9.99.

It went out for coffee, but now it's back.  :)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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