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I got tired of the original. . . . . .SVU bothers me. . .seems to me they (the cops) get away with way too much stuff just because they're dealing with rapists and child molesters.

I like Criminal Intent. . .hope they still have the Jeff Goldbloom character, though so far I've only seen the Goren/Eams team this season.

Can't decide about LA -- I liked the Skeet Ulrich character better than Molina's. It's like they weren't getting the ratings they wanted so they decided to revamp mid-season. I'll be surprised if it lasts, frankly. I know it was up against a couple of other shows that we like as well so it never recorded on it's original night but only on it's repeat on Saturday. Not everyone has TiVo, though, so I wonder how the audience has been.

Huh. . .just did a quick Google search and found this article which says, in no uncertain terms, that it'll end after one season:

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From an e-mail I wrote several months ago:

I watched the first episode and found it absolutely ATROCIOUS. :(

It was sad to see a world class actor like Alfred Molina so shamelessly mugging for the camera.

And the show has no identity of its own. It's basically a very bad hodge-podge of the other L&O shows. VERY boring.

The one saving grace: This guy!

His name is Corey Stoll. I'm considering going with that look for myself. What do you think, ladies? :)
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