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Thoughts on new cover

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So I finally got around to getting a better cover (in my opinion) up. Would love to hear your thoughts.
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Yes, I like it better a well. Nice work
Yes, I also like it and think you did a great job!

Really conveys a mood and a feeling!

Nice. It's got that "slightly familiar" feel, where it's instant what kind of genre the book is. That's perfect.
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Oooooh! That looks fantastic! Who was the cover artist?
Thanks everyone. Validation at last!!!! I hooked up with this artist by the name of Cory Clubb ( to finally get something that I liked. He's working with me to do all the covers for the series. We're almost done with the second cover which I think is probably the best one I've seen, I love it at least.
I quite like the cover image & title.  Might you use a different colour for the author name - make it stand out more?
I really like it!

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