In the early 1900s Pacific Northwest, a young woman awakens to her passions for the outdoors and mother nature... and discovers much about herself and human nature along the way. A finalist for the 2014 Chaucer Awards, J.L. Oakley's Timber Rose is praised for its "appealingly earthy, unpretentious prose." Read on!

Timber Rose, by J.L. Oakley
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450 pages, with a 5.0-star rating from 5 reviews

"J.L. Oakley successfully draws you into the story of Caroline Symington with complete grace. The concept of this novel is unique and introduces a special time in history about the new women of the new twentieth century. The research done by the author is thorough and fascinating to read about. While the novel is heavy on the history of this era, yet J.L Oakley makes you feel as though you are best friends with the main character. Caroline, an independent thinker and lover of the woods, is strong in her ways, though sensitive when it comes to love... J.L. Oakley is a talented writer with a fantastic concept, and I thoroughly enjoyed this novel. The production of the book is gorgeous, with a solid title, interesting vintage photo, and overall, a professional and traditional look. -- Judge, 22nd Annual Writer's Digest Self-Published Book Awards. (Nov 2014)

"Oakley does a skillful and confident job of weaving a good deal of historical material into her story of married life, from mountain-climbing to the women's suffrage movement to the early days of ecological conservation. All of it is presented in an appealingly earthy, unpretentious prose style laced with wry humor and some memorable insights into human nature... Caroline's slow awakening to love and happiness is genuinely memorable. Highly recommended. -- Historical Novel Society Review November 2014

"As with "Tree Soldier," "Timber Rose" is an involving yarn, filled with well-drawn characters, interesting historical nuggets, plenty of adventure and a dash of romantic spice... I think "Timber Rose" will prove to be a satisfactory read overall - particularly for female audiences." -- Barbara Lloyd McMichael, The Book Monger, Bellingham Herald, April 3, 2014
1907. Women climbing mountains in skirts. Loggers fighting for the eight hour day. The forests and mountains of the North Cascades are alive with progress, but not everyone is on board.
Caroline Symington comes from a prominent family in Portland, Oregon. Much to her family's dismay, she's more interested in hiking outdoors and exploring the freedoms of a 1907's New Woman than fancy parties and money. She plans to marry on her own terms, not her parents. When she falls in love with Bob Alford, an enterprising working-class man who loves the outdoors as much as she, little does she know how sorely her theories will be tested. Betrayed by her jealous sister, Caroline elopes, a decision that causes her father to disown her.
The young couple moves to a rugged village in the North Cascade Mountains where Caroline begins a new life as the wife of a forest ranger. Though she loves her life in the mountains as a wife and mother, her isolation and the loss of her family is a challenge. As she searches for meaning among nature, she's ushered along by a group of like-minded women and a mysterious, mountain man with a tragic past.

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Janet Oakley grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. After college, she worked her way west to the Hawaiian Islands. While going to school there, she met her future husband and for a time they lived on the Big Island. They moved to the Pacific Northwest where they raised three sons. An historian as well as an award winning author, her writings appear in various magazines, anthologies, and literary publications. Her historical novel, Tree Soldier, set in 1930s Pacific NW, won the 2012 EPIC ebook Award and 2013 Chanticleer Grand Prize. An 2013 Everybody Reads chosen by Pacific NW librarians, Tree Soldier is popular with book clubs around the country. It's prequel, Timber Rose, is on the short list for the 2014 Chaucer Award. The Jossing Affair set in WW II Norway during the German occupation is in edits for summer publication. Saddle Road, Lei Crime Kindle World novella, is her first mystery.

When not writing, Oakley demonstrates 19th century folkways at parks, gives talks, and presents history workshops to school age students.

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