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I just wanna see how long people have spent on this website i have only logged about 17hours how about everyone else
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I'm new as well.  Officially created my account on Tuesday and have already logged 8 hours and 10 minutes.

(This doesn't count all the time that I browsed as a guest before becoming official.)
Bacardi Jim said:
Oh, I'm impressive, Jerry!
Actually, Mr. Impressive, you can call me Heather! LOL! ;)
LOVED that movie!  ;D  Although it was the "non-Heather" character that I loved the most.  Winona was fun-nee (in a completely morbid sort of way).
Bacardi Jim said:
Best moment: Christian Slater lighting his cigarette off the smoldering spot on her wrist where she tried to suicide by car lighter.
Too true!! I nearly had a fit during that scene.

EDIT: Back OT...I'll be a good girl from now on. Sorry for the hijack!!
Okay...(LMAO) guys are NOT helping me keep my promise to stay OT!!!!

......9 hours, 14 minutes now (whew, now I feel better)
Bacardi Jim said:
*feels Heather*

You're right! I think you're ripe now!
Thanks, Mr. DB certainly seems to think so! ( me AGAIN!)
I think I was just struck dumb by that video.

Someone help me, I really didn't want to laugh... (bad, Heather, bad)
No, I didn't Bacardi Jim.  My eyes were crossing trying to make the connection between the comment and the video.  But I just decided to let it go and enjoy a guilty laugh.
Well, Bacardi Jim, I couldn't resist sending that video to my boss.  His favorite part was where Castro saves the day.  I think I'm in for a nice raise this year.....  ;)

Goodness, I must be sick or something...

(10 hours and 31 minutes now)
Bacardi Jim said:
No work-ee for me Bacardi Jim. Page won't load for some reason.
1 - 11 of 65 Posts
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