As you may know, Facebook can be selective about which items appear in your newsfeed.

Sometimes, posts from friends or pages will mysteriously stop appearing, as Facebook applies its algorithms for determining what should appear in your newsfeed.

Several of you have asked how to ensure that our Facebook posts, like our Free Kindle Books posts, continue to appear in your newsfeed.

There's no surefire way, but the following things can help. I've put them in order of which have the most effect:
  • Good: Take a moment (or just a second, really) to "like" the posts on our page that appeal to you.
  • Better: Click "reply" on our posts to post a short reply message. It doesn't have to be elaborate; a simple "thanks!" or, if you're in a hurry, "TYVM" will work. :)
  • Better: Click "share", and add a comment when you share the post with your friends.
  • Better: Occasionally visit our page directly (as opposed to viewing our posts in your newsfeed).
  • Best: All of the above - which will have a combined effect of "telling" Facebook that you want to continue to receive those posts.
Why does the above work? Because Facebook takes note of how you interact with pages and with posts in your newsfeed. Based on your "engagement," it will raise or lower the likelihood that posts from that page will continue to be shown in your newsfeed.

In two-and-a-half months, we've grown from zero to 10,000 people following our Facebook posts. We appreciate your support and enthusiasm so much. Thank you!