This highly-rated romance follows the development of a relationship between two people after they have both lost their spouses.

To Fall in Love Again, by David Burnett
270 pages, with a 4.4-star rating from 43 reviews

"The story is narrated by alternating the point of view of Drew and Amy, so we can live better their feelings, their concerns, their desires. It's well-written, compelling pace and never boring. The characters are all well characterized and amazing. Drew is the perfect gentleman, sweet, polite, tries to make Amy feel at ease even in environments that she has never attended and where she can hear a fish out of water. Amy is a woman insecure, are influenced by what people may think of her relationship with a man very much richer than she, especially by her colleague, the perfidious Barb. The various grandchildren are adorable, especially Lucas, the troublemaker. I also really loved Cathy, Amy's daughter eho acted as cupid. One other thing I love about this book is Charleston and its society and history, I can not wait to visit it. I recommend it to those who love romance." -- Amazon Reviewer
Drew certainly had not planned to fall in love that morning.
He had not planned to make a new friend. He had not even wanted to talk to anyone.
He had resisted all of Amy's attempts to draw him out− at the hotel, at the airport, on the airplane− giving hurried responses and burying his face in a pile of papers. But when the flight attendant offered coffee, and a muscle in Amy's back twitched as she reached for it, and the cup tipped, and the hot liquid puddled in Drew's lap, then they began to talk!
Earlier in the year, each had lost a spouse of over thirty years. Drew's wife had died of a brain tumor, Amy's husband when his small airplane nose-dived to earth, the engine at full throttle − an accident, it was ruled, although she'd charged him with adultery earlier the same day.
They live in the same city. Both have grandchildren. They are about the same age. Consciously, or not, they both are looking to love again.
Drew is wealthy, and Amy is middle class. Amy is "new" in town - she and her husband moved to Charleston twenty-five years ago - while Drew's family has lived there for three centuries. Drew lives below Broad, a code word for high society, old families, power, and money. Amy's home is across the river.
Class warfare may be less violent than it was in the past, but when Drew invites Amy to the St Cecelia Ball, battle lines are drawn. In a city in which ancestry is important, the ball's membership is passed from father to son, and only those from the oldest families attend.
Family, friends, and co-workers all weigh in on their relationship and choose sides. Allies are found in unexpected places. Opposition comes from among those who were thought to be friends. As the conflict mounts, Amy learns that her deceased husband has attempted to "rule from the grave" through provisions in his Will that make one final attempt to humiliate her in public.
Amy concludes that all men are copies of her husband. She begins to suspect that Drew is one of them, the rich snobs who despise her. Drew begins to feel that Amy neither trusts him nor cares for him. Unless Amy is able to see Drew, not as a copy of the husband who betrayed her and not as a clone of those who look down on her, but simply as a man who loves her, she will lose it all − Drew, her chance for happiness, and her opportunity to love again.

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Meet the Author

David Burnett lives near Charleston, South Carolina, where he walks on the beach almost every day and photographs the ocean, the sea birds, and the marshes that he loves. Three of his four books are set in Charleston, and he has always enjoyed the Carolina beaches.

David enjoys photography and has photographed subjects as varied as prehistoric ruins on the islands of Scotland, star trails, sea gulls, and a Native American powwow. He and his wife have traveled widely in the United States and the United Kingdom. During trips to Scotland, they visited Crathes Castle, the ancestral home of the Burnett family near Aberdeen, and Kismul Castle on the Isle of Barra, the home of his McNeil ancestors.

He reports that he went to school for much longer than he wants to admit, and he has graduate degrees in psychology and education. He and his wife have two children and a blue-eyed cat named Bonnie.

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