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Today's daily deal - which to buy?

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30 well-reviewed books (mostly drama or literary fiction, at a glance - but I may be wrong) are available today for $1.99 each. I am looking at purchasing 600 hours of Edward and Finding Emma. Any suggestions?
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Ha ha. I am buying both - I wasn't clear - needed suggestions on what else to buy from the selection. Telracs, you may have read one of them in the past - any ideas?  ;D
gimme the link?  then i'll look and enable you some more....
Betsy made the link in her kids post. You can also cut and paste this path...
okay, i looked.  haven't read any of them, and none of them reaches out to me and says "BUY ME!"  guess i'm still stuck in my non-fiction mode...
Thanks! Ok, will settle for just those 2!
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