Today's Free App of the Day is Notepad+
Originally $2.99

This a nice app. It is primarily a drawing/handwriting app with the ability to add text using textboxes. If your goal is to have a text note-taking app, this is somewhat limited, I think. You can share your pages as images via email, etc. It has a lot of nice features--several pens and highlighters, text that (within the text boxes) can be different colors and fonts. I like that you can integrate text and drawing on the same page. It works as a rudimentary art tool--you have a limited number of basic colors, though you can change the width. I like that there are a lot of different papers one can use, including graph paper. This makes it pretty useful to me in sketching out plans for quilts. :) I'd give it four stars. Five if you could export text as text.

314 of 405 reviews are four stars and above.

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