Today's Free App of the Day is Lucky Dragon
Originally $1.99

This is an endless runner type game that some have compared to Flappy Bird, just easier. You have a little dragon that flies over undulating terrain. There are obstacles (walls, balls, other things) that the little dragon will run into, losing a life but restarting the current screen as long as there are lives left. You remove the obstacle by tapping on the screen. Doing so will cause the prior obstacle on the screen to pop up back in place, so timing is everything.

You can also collect hearts and stars along the way, but those also require a tap on the screen so again, timing is everything. One reviewer suggested that the hearts and stars should be picked up by the dragon on its path, but I like the additional bit of strategy. I found the minimalist graphics charming. I'd give this five stars. Plays only in one landscape mode. Music is cute.

9 of 5 reviews are four stars and above.

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Have fun!

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