Today's Free App of the Day is Super Stickman Golf (Ad-Free)
Originally $2.99

This is a physics based game built around golf. I'm not usually interested in golf games, but this is more like Angry Birds with a golf club than like a real golfing game. I liked this game.

There is a tutorial, I recommend it. You can also play a practice course, which I also recommend. You earn golf bux by completing achievements and can then use the golf bux to unlock power ups or purchase additional shots. You can buy additional golf bux, but you earn a lot by playing the game and earning the achievements. You can pinch to zoom in and out.

Use the controls on screen to aim your ball and then the Go meter to change the strength of your swing. I didn't like the popup ad that appeared the instant I opened the game, but haven't had another popup. Hopefully they won't be too intrusive--they shouldn't be in a paid game. The game plays in airplane mode and in either landscape mode.

439 of 477 reviews are four stars and above. I give it three and a half stars--would have given it four but docked half a star for the popup ad in a supposedly ad-free game.

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Have fun!

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