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My second novel, Too Close, has just been released on Amazon.

* * * *​

What rules would you break for the one you love? What lies would you tell?

When Greg joins the San Francisco newspaper where Nicola is the travel editor, she discovers that her 'no dating colleagues' rule is a lot easier to stick to when the only colleagues who ask her out are the ones who don't interest her.

Their romance is swift and intense, and after six months they decide to marry. Her friends and family are concerned that they don't know each other well enough, but Nicola and Greg are in love, and eager to start a family; what could possibly go wrong?

Three weeks before the wedding day, they find out exactly what could go wrong. When Nicola meets his family in Seattle, and casually reveals the circumstances of her adoption, Greg's horrified mother is forced to reveal the shameful secret she has kept for 36 years.

If Greg's mother is also Nicola's mother, they will be forced into a devastating choice: break all of society's rules and fight for their love, or break their hearts and give each other up. It will be the greatest test their newfound love has faced - and their love may not survive.

* * * *​
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