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Too Old?

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Yes, it's another thread from me about eating things you shouldn't. But I've gotta ask. When is food too old to eat? Because there's a lovely plate full of grilled chicken and spanish rice that's been sitting in my fridge for four days now. I'm reluctant to throw it out but am unsure if it's okay to eat it. Advice?  ???
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Add a little milk and egg.......It's cat-food !!
JaymeMorse said:
When in doubt...throw it out. :D
Hehe... that got me into a minor phobia several years back. I managed to convince myself that everything that I hadn't just made or just ordered was bad by the next day (or even a few hours).

I'm a lot more lenient now and have yet to have gotten sick (that I know of) from left overs. Now, I just have this pesky "eat it every meal other than breakfast until it's gone and before I eat anything else." If I eat or prepare a different meal between dipping into those left overs, the left overs suddenly seem really old. As if by having something different in between sucked the left overs into a parallel universe that aged them more rapidly.


I'm still working on this issue, as you can see.

As long as you re heat it thoroughly it will be fine. Enjoy!
Val2 said:
As long as you re heat it thoroughly it will be fine. Enjoy!
^ this.

If it smells okay, and you cook it thoroughly so that any bacteria that has gotten a foothold is killed, there's no reason it should make you sick (that I know of, not being a medical professional, mind you).
Four days for chicken?  I definitely wouldn't risk it.  But it's your stomach :)
I normally go with smell and how it looks. Like others have said, if it is thouroughly cooked, you should be good.
Forget the chicken, it's the rice that has a ton of bacteria after that time hehehe. I'd throw it out. However, if it smells fine, just cook it. Worst case scenario, diarrhoea, and you lose a few pounds - WIN!

I rarely go by sell/use by dates. I'm old enough to remember when they didn't exist. :)
Four days is my limit for stuff like that.  So I would've heated it thoroughly and eaten it.  Anything beyond the four-day mark gets trashed.
I'd throw it out and fix something new.
Four days doesn't seem that long to me.

I'd eat it.
When i was hanging out at I seem to recall hearing 7 days for cooked protien a lot. Like, never cook more than 7 days worth of hardboiled eggs.

My mom eats food long after I would.... I'm normally a 2-3 day max kinda girl.

Depending on how you had it wrapped I'd probably still eat it today. Maybe. It would just depend.
4 days? I start to worry after 7-8 days! But if you're worried, I'd just toss it. It's not fun to eat things while worrying if it's going to make you sick.
If it was cooked well enough the first time around, I think it would be fine to just reheat and eat. It's when meat is uncooked and hanging around that it's dangerous.

I'm with the others that 4 days isn't all that old.  We routinelye roast a whole chicken and then eat the leftovers for at least 4 days (there are only 2 of us).  I've heard the concerns about rice, but we don't usually make more than 2-3 days' worth - & my DH eats leftover rice cold & has never had a bad outcome.
I think four days might be pushing it, unless it was actually frozen.  The last thing you need is a trip to the ER with food poisoning.
Four days? Is that it? Talk to me in two weeks. As a matter of fact, send it over here and I'll tell you if it is good!  ;D

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